Friday, March 20, 2009

Youngevity Stimulus - Pay your mortgage!

So it's not enough that Youngevity wants to buy you a Ferrari, now Steve and Doc want to make your house payment!

All you have to do is sign up 10 new Distributors with a 300 BV first order or more and Youngevity will pay up to $1500 of your mortgage, on top of your normal residuals.

The 300 BV is great for them too because it qualifies them for quickstart bonuses of 30% up to $750 each new first order. Read more.

What a great company! Imagine in this time of government bailouts and people abusing customers, here comes Youngevity and supports it's distributors like this. Hip Hip Hoowa, as Doc would say!

Many people will not be paying their mortgage this month because they can't. Why not be one who doesn't pay a mortgage because you choose not to and it still gets paid. Do this and sometime soon you won't need a mortgage for your really great home!

Have a great day! Wes

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Great TRU Chocolate Party!

Hey, we had a great time last night, ran out of chairs! Todd Smith was incredible! If you missed this one you should have been there to hear how many million dollars he has made in this business. The true success was that everyone loved the TRU Chocolate. I heard commitments made and I really got the feeling that everyone understands this is a simple system! Just the 4-Ds. Don't miss the next party. In fact hold your own party. We will supply you 3 bags of the TRU Chocolate for samples.

.......Demo ~ Try the TRU Chocolate ~ converts to WOW!
.......Drink ~ Drink cold water ~ Rose calls it chocolate silk!
.......Dial ~ 1-512-404-1282 ~ Hear all the testimonials!
.......Duplicate ~ Join our team and start the cycle over.

I was thinking, it could be this isn't for everyone? Some people really like to complicate things. This is for people that are very into KISS and making extra money could be the complication! What do you spend your extra money on: rent, mortgage, old debt, food, kids, education, savings, helping others, religion, lessons for the kids, braces, clothes, medical issues, life insurance, health insurance, helping your family, retirement, investments, homes and second homes, cars, trucks, 4x4s, boats, RVs, motor homes, trips, hobbies, motorcycles, jet skis, water skis, snow skiing or boarding, sporting events, golf, tennis, health club, personal trainer, cruises, gardener, remodeling, new furniture, swimming pool, replacing all the old worn out stuff you have collected over the years? Sure does seem there are plenty of places to spend your extra money or is it that you do without some of these things you really want. Could be, you are just getting by and can't stretch your income enough to have everything you really want?Of course we know, all we can do is provide the products and the system. You have to provide the BS&T.

You might say, "It looks hard." I have to ask, "Compared to what?" You could say, "I tried one of those things." I say, "Was it in this economy, with this product and our incredible compensation plan? I don't think so!" The time to implement your plan B is right now. Before you lose your job.

Warren Buffett understands that the time to buy is when things are on sale. This doesn't take big cash it takes time, effort and a small investment. My question is "Are your up to the challenge? Do you have it in you?" Don't look back and kick yourself. You may have missed the dot com, stock market Bull markets or real estate booms. Don't miss this! As you work today at your job, just ask yourself how you would like to complicate your life with all your extra money.

Yes we can, without a bailout! Have a great day! Wes

Monday, March 9, 2009

TRU Chocolate Opp Meeting Tomorrow

Hey guys, look in your emails and find your invitation. It's at my home at 7:00. Be a little early and bring someone!

This will be a good time. Todd Smith (Triple Diamond, he's someone with a huge pile I'm happy to call a friend! I will always listen to someone with a bigger pile than mine.) Todd will tell us what's up with chocolate and tell us about the incredible money. 1/2 hour or less. We will all try the TRU Chocolate and experience the WOW factor.

Bring someone with you! We will make room if we have to. If you have TRU Chocolate bring some for your new people. Come anyway.

This is going to be upbeat and a great time! No big time commitment. Come with an open mind. I know some of you only care about Doc's nutritional minerals and supplements. You have friends with weight issues and money issues. Bring them. It could change their lives and that is our real business in Youngevity.

See you there. Wes

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bucket List

Does everybody know what's on your bucket list? Seems like a good idea. First of all a bucket list is all the things you want to do before you kick the bucket. Seems morose but really if you thing about it we all have a limited time here. Like they say, "This is not a two act play." We should know what we want to accomplish and how much we have done. I think a journal is a great thing so your kids and grand kids and so on and on can know who you are.

I have a list of cars I want to own. I have checked off a bunch, Mercedes, Audi, Saab Turbo, Mustang, Landcruiser, Corvette, Chevy Belair, Subaru, Jimmy, Trooper, VW Beetle, Lincoln Continental, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Chevrolet Malibu, , Corvair, and my first car was a Studebaker I shared with my brother Brad. 3 Boats, bunches of motorcycles, still have 3.

How about where have I gone? Grand Canyon, MT Rushmore, Chicago, Arizona, Colorado, S. Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, New Mexico, Nevada, Kentucky, Israel, Greece, Mexico, and lived in Utah, California, North Carolina, Virgina, Georgia. So I guess you know there are tons of places I still want to go.

I have been a soldier in the Army. Flown in Helicopters and worked on computers when they were a little more than a brand new idea, until now.

The only broken bone I am aware of ever having was a basal skull fracture from a motor cycle accident. There could have been some ribs but it was never proved one way or the other.

I fell off Pete's Rock rappelling the face and lived. (by catching the rope and burning my hands)

Lots of fist fights. Back in the old days before pulling a gun or knife started solving squabbles.

Got a Cruising State Street speeding ticket back in the old days for obstructing traffic, going too slow, excessive acceleration, exhibition driving, reckless and 50 mph over speeding all on one ticket. Dad's Oldsmobile Starfire could smoke the wheels at any speed....(luxury 442)

I have spelunked in Neff's Cave (deepest cave in North America). Now it is blocked.

I have swam in the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Dead Sea, Sea of Galilee, River Jordan, and all lakes and a ton of streams and rivers within 150 miles of Salt Lake City.

Even though I was in the 82nd Airborne I never jumped out of a plane. Not too many can say that. I was belligerent. I did jump twice out of a 30 foot, 2 story window from my Army barracks to prove I wasn't chicken and to make a $200 bet. ( Could be the reason I have back trouble)

Anyway, get the idea? Everyone has a huge list of special things they have done or want to do before they kick the bucket. Feel free to comment and tell us some things you have or have yet to do. Goals, Dreams and things urge us to meet our potential, Dream big!

Have a great day! Wes

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ok, we made some money. What now?

Many businesses are built by people trying to reach a dream. So you do a dream board and what does it look like? Are you in business just to get a car or a house or trips or all that stuff? It is important to use your head, and create stability along with having a good time.

1st thing you want to do is be prepared for taxes. I am not a tax accountant or CPA but if you are making a ton of money be prepared to pay the taxes. I was at a meeting one night and heard about a young girl that had purchased a home for a depressed price. She sold it and made a killing. Awesome! Making money is the reason we are in business. I ask her what she had done with the money she made. She proudly told me to look out the window at her new truck. She had put 100% of her earnings as a down payment and picked up a beautiful truck and a large monthly payment to go with it. Where was her dad and what was her upline thinking? It is important to use good judgement.

What do rich people do with their money? Tim Sales put together a great video that explains it better than I can. Check it out at My main reason for doing business is to help my downline learn how to intelligently spend massive amounts of money.

Have a great day! Wes

Monday, March 2, 2009

Youngevity 5-Day Cleansing Program

Be sure and note the cautions on the last page. This is a great product! I recommend using the Flora fx after all cleanses. Flora is required to rebuild the good enzymes and bugs in your exhaust system. It has been my experience that I have felt a significant boost in energy after each cleanse. If you are having trouble losing weight with the TRU Chocolate this should jump start your system and get it working for you. Stop and think how many showers you have taken in your life. This is even more important to keep you clean inside.
Youngevity products are the greatest! I recommend taking the 90 Essential Nutrients or "Mighty 90" - for your overall nutrition. I do and when I slack off I quickly feel the difference.
Have a great day! Wes