Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Great TRU Chocolate Party!

Hey, we had a great time last night, ran out of chairs! Todd Smith was incredible! If you missed this one you should have been there to hear how many million dollars he has made in this business. The true success was that everyone loved the TRU Chocolate. I heard commitments made and I really got the feeling that everyone understands this is a simple system! Just the 4-Ds. Don't miss the next party. In fact hold your own party. We will supply you 3 bags of the TRU Chocolate for samples.

.......Demo ~ Try the TRU Chocolate ~ converts to WOW!
.......Drink ~ Drink cold water ~ Rose calls it chocolate silk!
.......Dial ~ 1-512-404-1282 ~ Hear all the testimonials!
.......Duplicate ~ Join our team and start the cycle over.

I was thinking, it could be this isn't for everyone? Some people really like to complicate things. This is for people that are very into KISS and making extra money could be the complication! What do you spend your extra money on: rent, mortgage, old debt, food, kids, education, savings, helping others, religion, lessons for the kids, braces, clothes, medical issues, life insurance, health insurance, helping your family, retirement, investments, homes and second homes, cars, trucks, 4x4s, boats, RVs, motor homes, trips, hobbies, motorcycles, jet skis, water skis, snow skiing or boarding, sporting events, golf, tennis, health club, personal trainer, cruises, gardener, remodeling, new furniture, swimming pool, replacing all the old worn out stuff you have collected over the years? Sure does seem there are plenty of places to spend your extra money or is it that you do without some of these things you really want. Could be, you are just getting by and can't stretch your income enough to have everything you really want?Of course we know, all we can do is provide the products and the system. You have to provide the BS&T.

You might say, "It looks hard." I have to ask, "Compared to what?" You could say, "I tried one of those things." I say, "Was it in this economy, with this product and our incredible compensation plan? I don't think so!" The time to implement your plan B is right now. Before you lose your job.

Warren Buffett understands that the time to buy is when things are on sale. This doesn't take big cash it takes time, effort and a small investment. My question is "Are your up to the challenge? Do you have it in you?" Don't look back and kick yourself. You may have missed the dot com, stock market Bull markets or real estate booms. Don't miss this! As you work today at your job, just ask yourself how you would like to complicate your life with all your extra money.

Yes we can, without a bailout! Have a great day! Wes

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Gregory said...

Hi Wes. I agree that the time to implement Plan B is now. People are learning the hard way that job security is a myth, and if they wait until that pink slip arrives it might be too late. It's time now to take charge of our financial future. Thanks for the info!