Sunday, October 9, 2011

FDI Yongevity prescription discount card information.

I have placed a new YouTube post about the discount prescription cards. It is one minute and 50 seconds. This is an incredible use of your time. Go to it and see what it can do for you.

People Ask:

1. How much can I save? 10% to 85% at listed stores.

2. I have no insurance. Will this work for me? The card is not insurance but it will give you discounts at the over 60,000 listed pharmacies.

3. I have drug insurance. Will this work for me? Sometimes you save more with the card. Sometimes you save more with the insurance. The way to know is take in the card and price your prescriptions.

4. How often can I use the card? As long as you need the prescriptions you take. If you take our supplements you may be able to eliminate the prescriptions.

5. I have used the card and saved money. I want to help my family and friends save money also. You can print extra cards from the YouTube video and give them away. Good, but how do I make money from giving away the cards? If you want to make money giving away cards and you are a member of Youngevity, go to the company website and order cards for FDI Youngevity. If you are not a member go to and join Youngevity. Cost is $10.00 and then you can order your own cards and receive up to $.50 bonus for each prescription ordered by those you give the card.

I hope this has helped and I am sure it could benefit you.
Have a great day. Wes