Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Attention: "Big YOUNGEVITY news!"

Attention: "Big YOUNGEVITY news!"

Youngevity is doing a database down-line purge that will happen in the month of July. Anyone or any position who has not ordered within the last 36 months will have their Youngevity account terminated.

Some people quit and leave a down-line that becomes neglected and also quits. If you are purchasing and supplying someone with products you should use their account if they have one. Right now there is a program that will give you a New Start-up bonus for an order from one of these people if they make a new order on their account. Your back office will have a post if they are eligible for you to get the bonus. You can find this in the last row in your genealogy. If they are eligible they are also on the list to be dropped. (note: this bonus will end when the purge is done!) You can make some money and help them to get back in the system. Call, write, or email these people and help them and yourself to better health and greater profits.

It is my recommendation that you make a complete database copy, before this happens. Because past members can then re-sign-up for FREE as a Preferred Customer or the $10 associate fee, but they will be able to choose a new sponsor if desired.
It is far easier to keep a distributor, you have worked hard for, than to reach, train and sponsor a new distributor.

Thanks for your time.
Have a great day!