Monday, March 9, 2009

TRU Chocolate Opp Meeting Tomorrow

Hey guys, look in your emails and find your invitation. It's at my home at 7:00. Be a little early and bring someone!

This will be a good time. Todd Smith (Triple Diamond, he's someone with a huge pile I'm happy to call a friend! I will always listen to someone with a bigger pile than mine.) Todd will tell us what's up with chocolate and tell us about the incredible money. 1/2 hour or less. We will all try the TRU Chocolate and experience the WOW factor.

Bring someone with you! We will make room if we have to. If you have TRU Chocolate bring some for your new people. Come anyway.

This is going to be upbeat and a great time! No big time commitment. Come with an open mind. I know some of you only care about Doc's nutritional minerals and supplements. You have friends with weight issues and money issues. Bring them. It could change their lives and that is our real business in Youngevity.

See you there. Wes

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