Thursday, February 19, 2009

Today's Prospecting (friendshipping) Example

I was having my SUV repaired this morning. I was waiting for the lender car to return so I could leave. Up walked a lady with a great personality. This is my target market; people that are friendly and that will talk to people. We began a conversation and I noticed right away she fit what I am looking for when I tell people about TRU Chocolate. You should know she is very fit and didn't look like she needed to lose weight. I found out her name is Misty and she related she was looking for a job. So I knew right away she was friendly and could use some more money. I found she is married and drives a Blazer. I'm married to and also had a Jimmy which is a Blazer in disguise. So, we had some things in common. I simply said, "Do you like chocolate?" I didn't wait for some special moment or set it up, I just asked. She looked wide eyed for a sec and said, "Sure I like chocolate, not to say I crave it all the time but sometimes I have to go to the store and buy a donut and cover it with chocolate syrup." I told her about our chocolate wafers and ask if she thought that sounded interesting. She said it did. I didn't have a sample but the owner of the auto shop is not only a friend of mine but also a distributor in my hierarchy in Youngevity. I told her he would supply a sample and if she signed up she should join with him. I got a piece of paper and wrote down the address to my blog. I could have called the testimony line (1-512-404-1282) or told her about the almost daily 7:30 pm (MST) webinar ( Both of those options are talked about here on the blog. She seemed very interested. I asked if she had the web. She said no but she was going to the library daily, while looking for a job, and using the web. I am sure when she looks up the blog she will read about her story. I believe this will be a great fit for you Misty.

My point in telling this story is obvious. All you have to do to create business and meet potential distributors is be friendly. Meet people with a smile. This is not cold call selling. This is just being friendly and making new friends. If it leads to business so much the better for them and for you. When you meet this new person your foremost thought should not be how much can I sell her. It should be what can I do to benefit her life? I'm sure Misty and I both had a mutual feeling of friendship. Telling her about the TRU Chocolate did not detract from that, because I found a need she had. I told her about something that would fill her need for more money. The way to learn how to do this is next time you are out and about in a store, look over your options for checkout lanes and look for someone who is smiling, not just for the shortest line. Get in behind that person. Smile back. Find something to talk about. I like to use FORM. The acronym FORM stands for family, occupation, recreation and money. Pick one topic that seems appropriate and just start a conversation. Try very hard to find something in this persons life that TRU Chocolate will benefit. Now, once you know how it will benefit her and make her life better; could even be her only way to financial freedom, to better health, to saving a marriage, to losing that weight that has ruined her life, try not to tell her about it. If you put yourself in the place of your new friend and knowing how it will change her life and don't tell her about it, you will not feel fear of speaking but you will fill the guilt of not telling her. When you do tell her, help her feel how this product will change her life and make her feel it and you will seal your friendship forever. It's amazing how much more open people are to telling their true problems, emotions and joys to a pure stranger. Think Forest Gump on the bench.

Please do this. It's not just about the money you will make. It's about changing the world one person, most likely even a family, at a time.
Have a great day! Wes

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