Friday, February 20, 2009

Passing of a friend. Is there a story for you?

Just thought I would let you know my Trooper is repaired. Strange how we worry so much about our cars and other "stuff" and ignore our own health. I love the idea that people will spend tons of money buying a car and tons of money keeping it in good running order and changing the oil and filling the tank with "good" fuel and yet they won't take quality vitamins. We all feel we are doing what's right with our bodies. We watch our cholesterol, fatty foods, sugar intake, don't smoke, never drink too much, always exercise, watch our weight. Oops! Am I dreaming, lets say some of us do these things. We all pick and choose. One thing about Youngevity you never have to guess whether we are getting the best supplements. Doc has always led with the mighty 90. 90 essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids with the essential fatty acids. If you don't know what that means go back to the first posts on my blog and I explain it fully.

I am thinking about my best friend Gary today. A couple of weeks ago he was up from St. George and sat with his uncle Lon as he passed away with cancer. Very traumatic. He had to go back to work and missed the funeral. His uncle Jerry spoke and I know he would have loved his talk. I found out many new things about Lon I was never aware of. He was a builder of homes. He would build a home and live in it while he built another home and then move into the new home and so on and so on. I met Lon many years ago when I was about 16. He built the home next to my parents in Salt Lake. It was an investment home. Lon didn't know he would die a long, excruciatingly painful death with cancer. He was just like you and me, living his life. I bet he was not aware of antioxidants, nor did he take them.

Gary called me this morning to let me know that he got a call about his Uncle Bill and that he had passed away. He was also at Lon's funeral. He had a heart attack. They were in their 70's. Many would say that they had lived a long and full life and it was their time to go. I am pushing 60 and I want you young people to know that I feel no different today than I did at 18. From my side of my eyes, I look out and see opportunities to fully enjoy the rest of my life. You never, as I see it and as it has been related to me by very old people just prior to death, feel different. Sure, you can't do some things you used to be able to do. If you keep a young mind by being adventurous and having goals and dreams for your future, you can always enjoy more life. It is when our body fails and we get sick and are in pain and lose functions that people start to give up. Sam Clements used to say that if he had known he was going to live this long he would have taken better care of himself. We should all take note of that and start today, taking better care of ourselves. I bet Uncle Bill didn't know he should be taking selenium and absorbable calcium.

Gary's call was hard for him. He is feeling his mortality. His Uncle Jerry, the one that spoke at Lon's funeral, is the oldest in his family line and then comes Gary. He has younger cousins but he is one step away from being the patriarch of the Vombaur genealogy. His comment to me was that he is quitting smoking this weekend. I wish he had said he is quitting smoking now, because then it would have led me to believe he had a better chance of success. Smoking is very hard to quit but it can be done if you make a decision to "Never smoke again!" Just one more will end your quest. I love Gary like a brother and hope it works for him. I know that smoking is a big health hazard. I have family members that I long to see quit the habit. I know it can be done. When I was young I smoked 3 packs a day during the week and 5 each on Friday through Sunday. I quit the day I caught my two young boys imitating me with their crayons. I knew it was bad and I did not want to be the influence that would cause them such pain. It half worked. I know it is possible. The odds are against you and it requires real determination, but it can be done. I wonder if Gary knows that Plant Derived Minerals help reduce cravings. I will have to let him know about that.

Think this over. Put your own name in the headline. What do you need to find out to make your life longer? What should you do to make your health better. My own dad passed away on April 1st, 2005 . That was a horrible April Fools trick on me. He was an incredible father and a great example of a man of integrity. I knew about our products for 3 years prior to his death. I talked about them with him until he finally said that his friends the doctors were the last word on his diabetes. He would not take supplements because they cost money. Lack of money was not his problem it was lack of belief. I am confident that he would be alive today if he had done as I asked. I know our products have saved my life twice. I also know that the only way you will know what they would do for you is to try them. I can't make you any promises and the government requires that the last word you will hear as you go out of this life will probably be your doctor's voice.

Sorry about the soap box. But, this is a subject I feel strongly about. On a lighter note. I ran into a cool clock the other day. It is a statistics clock and I would like to share it with you. You will find every statistic from soup to nuts. Check out the death reasons. See if you think you want to make a change in your life.

I love you all. Have a great day! Wes

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