Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Short Story on TRU Chocolate

This is short for those with limited patience. TRU Chocolate will help you lose weight and make money for you if you share it.

1. If you are 40 lbs overweight, take one Tru Chocolate and one 8 oz. water. 3x per day
2. If you are 40 to 99 lbs, take two Tru Chocolate and 2 water. 3x per day
3. If you are 100 plus lbs overweight, take three chocolate and 3 water. 3x per day

To catch you up. 3 min anytime (24/7) recorded call 512-404-1282
30 min Webinar Sun-Thur 7:30 MT
I also strongly recommend you listen in on the company conference call, weekly - Thursdays at 6:00 MT at 303-664-6005 pin 8016610#, For more information read down in this blog!

To order and become involved, use your id or join at with Wesley Thompson #16607501

No promises are made and we are not claiming any health benefits, just try it and decide!

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