Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Do you know anyone, that knows anyone, who knows

You know, it could go on and on and on. It's called 6 degrees of separation. If you know someone who knows someone you don't know ~ if 6 generations pass and if you had a computer to track it; you could be 6 people away from anyone in the world. To make this work you have to ask for a referral! Just like Facebook, hmm.

I hear every day ~ I have told everyone, I don't know anyone, everyone I know is poor, this is a rough economy. I say, it's a bunch of proverbial hooey. If two or three times a day you ask the simple question, "Who do you know that likes chocolate?" you will find people that like chocolate and who also know someone, you don't know, who needs our product. I promise ~ very few people will take a swing at you for asking that question. If they do, we don't want them any way. Don't get all detailed and sell the car by explaining how the engine works. Just ask if they like chocolate. When they say, they do; well, give them a piece of TRU Chocolate and a drink of water. Wait for the Wow! Not tough at all!

I was doing some stuff this morning and was watching a bit of Hoda and Kathie Lee on NBC TV. They said something that really caught my attention. “Just about everyone craves either chocolate or something salty and crunchy.” That piece told me we are on the right track with our TRU Chocolate. They were all about not eating too much chocolate because it's full of sugar and fattening. TRU Chocolate isn't and it tastes great! So we ought to find at least 50% of the people we talk to that will listen. Following it up, I googled Hoda and Kathie Lee chocolate. There were thousands of hits. Do you think they spend all that money on researching what people want to hear about and talk about things no one cares about? No! It seems that chocolate is a big hit in their show. Hoda is the chocolate lover and Kathie Lee likes salty. Funny, you can't tell by looking at them, you would have to ask to find out who likes what. 50/50 odds.

Money! This is a rough economy! People say it like it's news. Truth is, most of the people that say it haven't been effected. Utah has 3.4% unemployment rate in 2008. 1.35 million people had jobs in 2008 and about 47,000 didn't. Unemployment is up a bit since then but there are people that still have money to buy a product they want. An Internet guru I follow is Frank Kern. He says, and I agree, that people will buy what they want! So, do people want TRU Chocolate or do they want to lose weight? Do they want TRU Chocolate or do they want to earn a part-time, could be, full time income? Do they want TRU Chocolate because they love chocolate or do they want to love a chocolate that loves them back? By that I mean, it tastes great, has no sugar, full of antioxidants and herbs that curb their appetite.

So, the next issue, who can afford the price? Stop and add it up, people are overweight; how do they get thin? Have you ever heard of infomercials for exercise equipment and stores crammed to the rafters with weights and machines? What about cooking books and special diets that cost money? How about programs that help you learn how to eat and track your progress? How about fat farms? What about personal trainers? What about gyms and health clubs? How about the time spent on all these programs? I don't want you to think that these are bad things. In fact they are very good things but they are not free. Nobody expects them to be cheep or free. They cost big bucks and people pay. Frank Kern recently put out a video that talked about this issue of cost of product. He said that he flys a lot. Weekly he is going somewhere in the country or the world. He always flys first class and first class is always full. Even today in this economy. Why is it full? Is it the extra three inches in the seat bottom or the extra leg room? Is it the slightly better, bad airline food? Not on your life! It’s because the people who fly first class, fly first class because they can! Those, 26 or so seats, every flight could pay for a new BMW. There are people out there who will buy TRU Chocolate because they can. Many of those people are looking for residual income. You have to know that people with money depend on making money and this makes money. These people will see the value. Value is what it is all about. If you are interested in losing weight, or getting healthy or making residual income, TRU Chocolate has value. Where are you prospecting?

Consider this, "Can we agree there is an Obesity Problem?
USA Obesity Rates Reach Epidemic Proportions

  1. 58 Million Overweight;
  2. 40 Million Obese;
  3. 3 Million morbidly Obese
  4. Eight out of 10 over 25' Overweight
  5. 78% of Americans not meeting basic activity level recommendations
  6. 25% completely Sedentary
  7. 76% increase in Type II diabetes in adults 30-40 yrs old since 1990

Obesity effects our health and our cost is in lives and huge dollar costs for medical and missed work. Most of all heart ache for family and the person involved. Many people will agree there is a problem but won't take the action required to fix the weight issue. What if they can make money and fix the problem? Would that make a difference? I had a problem with my grandson all morning on Saturday. We were together for the baptism of his brother Tanner. Four year old Tyler ignored me all morning. It came time to take pictures. There was a particular picture we really wanted to take. All of us were cajoling him to come and be in the picture. At his young age when I said, "Tyler, I will give you a nickel if you come be in the picture." He came right over, no more arguing. He wanted it now, but I told him, "After the picture." He smiled so big for the picture, I think it would be a great fit for Gerber. My point isn't that we should bribe our grand kids but did he want the picture or did he want the nickel? Do we want to sell chocolate to our friends or do we want them to get healthy, share our opportunity and become financially independent and make us a little money. We don't want to bribe people but the truth is money makes the world go round. How many of you would go to work tomorrow if you knew you weren't going to be paid? If you would go, how long would you keep going, for no money?

So I guess we can agree, chocolate is good and TRU Chocolate is better. Healthy is good and better if we can help others get healthy. Money is good and it is better, like J. Paul Getty said to earn 1% from 100 people than 100% from ourselves. Most people let it go at that but what if we take it to where we really want it and earn 1% from 100,000 people. We will all be happy and healthy. I guess you could call it a bribe but I prefer calling it a fair income, if we can all do the same thing. Millions of millionaires, what a thought and all of us healthy.

Have a great day! Wes

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