Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Chocolate with Benefits! Earn Now!

I maybe left the TruChocolate up a little longer than I should have but I feel this is very important! *I hope you get it from the post: an 11 year old company with over 450 products brings on a new product and it explodes their business. TruChocolate is now 1/3 of the business of Youngevity.

How do "YOU" make a ton of money with TruChocolate?

First; if you aren't doing Youngevity, pay your $10.00 and join the team. http://www.mineralwealth.us/. If you are, congratulations!
Second; order a qualifying order (1x-300+ BV) of TruChocolate (Why? If you are qualified you will get 30% return on up to $750 on all your new associate's first order. You and they need samples to make this work. It works!
Third; visit friends and hand them a TruChocolate and say "Try it." Follow up with a cold bottle of water and wait for the "WOW!". It's that easy!
Fourth; on your cell phone call the testimonial number, 512-404-1282 hand it to your friend.
Fifth; Help your friend join your team and make the first order.
Sixth; do it again!

It is so Duplicatible. This product is very effective! Lose a pound a day! I have been using it and from my high point I’m down 33 lbs. Is weight a problem? Just look around.
Protect yourself with huge antioxidant properties (3040 ORAC per piece). Nothing else even comes close. Salt Lake has horrible SMOG! Antioxidants give your body the amunition to fight the effects of pollution.

The big question is money. Do you know anyone who could use a Plan B or even a Plan A method of earning money? This is not just about us making money. This is about helping people. How many people struggle with their weight? Would it change lives if you help friends get a handle on their weight and more importantly, their health? Many of our friends have lost jobs or insurance or bonuses, or cost of living increases. If you don’t know anyone this would help, ask everyone for referrals. Most of the time, their reply is, “Hey, what about me?”

This is a fork in the road. You can choose to get on board the train and go to the top or, like an old dog laying on the porch with a nail under his belly, you can lay around in pain and watch the train go by. Please, we want you to succeed with us. Get on board now!

This is the way to a more prosperous 2009! Lets eliminate the recession. Wes

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