Friday, January 30, 2009

TruChocolate is the craze!

Hey, check this out.

If you are 40 lbs overweight, take one TruChocolate and one 8 oz. water.
If you are 40 to 99 lbs, take two TruChocolate and 2 water.
If you are 100 plus lbs overweight, take three chocolate and 3 water.

You may think, how can I lose weight eating all that chocolate and drinking all that water? I don't know, but everyone that is doing it right is losing a ton of weight.

Chew slow, enjoy the taste, sip the water and luxuriate in the flavor. What is bringing people to the this fountain of knowledge, weight loss and money is so simple, Taste Buds and Testimonies. The secret to a fortune is to add your testimony to this growing list of success. There have never been as many people in such a short time as there are now, breaking Diamond and Double Diamond. 1/3 of all the Youngevity business is TruChocolate.

There is a webinar most nights at 7:30 mountain time, Check it out! This is so easy to make tons of money. My id is 16607501 and you can sign up at If you were sent by someone else, use their number. If you are already one of my team, go to work for your dreams.

This doesn't take much time, effort or brain power to know that this is the time to be working your plan B very hard. Things are nasty and Chicken Little is losing his head. Be one of the ones that are prepared when the sky falls and have an umbrella that will stop it from hitting you and your family. The other thought is with huge pollution, everyone, even the skinny people need the antioxidants in this product. If you need to lose weight and if you hear Leno most everyone but him is on that list, give it a try and add your name to the testimonies that have seen TruChocolate do it's thing.

If you need a quick fix and aren't sure call 1-512-404-1282 and listen again. I am excited because this train is moving on and people are stuffed on board. Don't miss out and be the one at the station that missed the train.

Have a great day!



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