Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wow! Youngevity ~ New, Bigger, more MONEY!

I was on a Youngevity conference call and heard that TruChocolate is going nuts! With a huge company and 450 products, with thousands of distributors and users, can you imagine a business coming along and becoming 1/3 of the sales in Youngevity in 8 months. Wow, I am out of breath saying and reading and thinking about how incredible that is. Imagine the highest pin level, Triple Diamond. It has been a very lonely position for a long time and it took years to reach for our leaders, Todd and Blake. Imagine the Capadonas reaching it in under 8 months. Triple is a million dollar position. They are breaking Diamonds every month. Diamonds make money! This is awesome. So what are they doing?

This is very duplicatable! All they are doing is ordering bunches of TruChocolate, letting friends try TruChocolate, and teaching them to do the same. When your friend eats the chocolate and drinks a large glass of cold water they will experience the WOW factor. WOW is when they can’t believe how pleasant it is to be on the way to losing a pound a day and to do it by eating Chocolate that is really good! So, they eat TruChocolate and then you call the magic number 512-404-1282, put the phone to their ear and let them hear the testimonies. They will want what you have! Also there is a system of Webinars and conference calls listed on the Youngevity Website. This information is very motivating and further explains the system. From there, the $10 bucks for your new associate is the last thing on their mind. People all over the country are busting it to get into this system.

Steve and Doc also wanted to make it better for us and all these people. There has been some adjustments in the compensation plan.


Earn up to 30% (26% +1/2 normal commissions) Quick Start Bonus on up to 750 PBV! Full commissions going upline uni-level commission payout after initial month of Quickstart Volume. Full commission's going up line sooner will result in bigger checks being paid faster than ever, encouraging quicker duplication!

· In a continued effort to not raise prices, the three and 5% personal purchase rebates have been discontinued, the 7 and 10% personal purchase rebates remain in place. Prices will remain the same for now what no projected price increases at this time.
· Free sign-up for preferred customers remains in place!
· Free shipping on all autoships over 50 BV!
· Free basic website when you sign up!
· We have no annual fees!

All qualified Double Diamonds will now have Kona Double Diamond status and receive a $600 dream bonus (that's $100 raise!).
All qualified Fiji Double Diamonds will receive a higher dream bonus in the amount of $800. They'll also receive a new 4% seventh level payout in addition to the 2% leadership bonus for a total of 6% on level 7!

All qualified Tahiti Double Diamonds and all qualified Triple Diamonds will receive a new 4% seventh level payout and a new 4% eighth level payout in addition to the 2% leadership bonus for a total of 6% on level 7 and an additional 6% on level 8!

There have been no significant compensation plan changes in the past 12 years. The current economic uncertainty has a silver lining for all Youngevity Associates! There has been a significant increase in people searching for a viable business opportunity! This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and prime time for you to show people how they can improve their health and their finances. With 10 million unemployed Americans and 350 million concerned about their financial future, Youngevity is poised and ready to meet this huge opportunity head on! We have the infrastructure, the products, the compensation plan and we have Dr. Joel Wallach, the pioneer of nutritional supplementation and the founder of this great company.

Now, more than ever before... Youngevity is the RIGHT COMPANY with the RIGHT PRODUCTS and the Right Compensation Plan at the RIGHT TIME!

Have a great day and look forward as I do to a fantastic 2009 with Youngevity! Wes

The FDA and the FTC have not approved this message. It is your responsibility to look over the materials, try the product and make up your own mind what you can do with these products and this opportunity.

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