Friday, November 14, 2008

Drink ACT - A partner company of Youngevity

Hi again. I want to tell you today about a partner company of Youngevity. Doc and Steve Wallach have been merging with a myriad of companies to build a huge value in our Youngevity product line.
*I believe Youngevity has the best nutritional products on Earth.
*Michele Wallach has been creating the best Mineral Makeup line available anywhere.
*Youngevity has taken in the best line of Essential Oils with Ancient Legacy.
*Recently we joined with Suzanne Somers and have her full product line.
*Including the Agua Dulce vineyards wines.
*We have the NuVANTE line of skin & hair care
*Youngevity has the Bio Lumin Essense product line.
*We have the Tidal Wave Company with the YouNique skin and personal care lines and great Filter Systems.
*We incorporated the exceptional line of ProJoba™ products, show casing two key sciences. One is the addition of pure, cold-pressed Jojoba oils and proprietary Jojoba extracts to combinations of other high-quality, nutricudical-grade ingredients. The other is flower pollen extract, an element known as nature’s perfect whole food. Pollen grains contain the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and other essential biofactors necessary to create plant life—a nutritional resource that humans require for optimal health and wellness.
*Next is Balance Company with Phenolmenal functional beverage and balancedrops healthy lozenges.
*Pureworks has a complete line of alcohol free products to help keep germs out for everyone:
Lotion, Body Soaps, Foam & Sprays, Hard Surface Disinfectant
*We have TRU Chocolate for weight loss with an ORAC of 3040 for optimal health.
All this reminds me of going to a well stocked store. I can choose what I want and so can my team and customers. Everyone finds their favorite. All these product choices are top of the line in their category. Wow we can make money and really get something of value for our qualifying orders.

What I want to address today is not on the Youngevity list but is owned and operated by Dr. Wallach. Sometimes we have heard, "Ahhh I don't want to be in a unilevel pay plan." Doc and Steve listened and found an incredible binary system for us. The company is Drink ACT and it has incredible products.
*ACT on the go pouches
*ACT in a can
*Body Trim pouches for weight
*Vitalagy functional drink with a broad spectrum of whole fruit and juice extracts with real and measurable phytonutrients and anti-oxidants in every serving! It has the best in all the exotic plants you want.
*Berry Bars give a healthy energy boost to make it through the events of a busy day or pull an all-niter!

The ACT drink is the product heart of the company. It tastes great and gives wonderful results. The first time I tried an A.C.T. Energy Drink I got so pumped with the way it made me feel. I was supercharged but with a clear head. It was great how fast I ramped up and how long it lasted. No falling off a cliff let down like high caffeine and sugar drinks.

There are so many cool elements about the business Drink ACT; free to join, free website, free back office, great customer support, simple but rewarding pay plan and easy to promote. It is mostly Internet driven which draws a young, vibrant, web savvy group of energetic entrepreneurs. If you promote at home or work, seminars, or trade shows the best thing to do is just let people try the product. Once - they like it, twice - they love it and three times - they can't live without ACT.

I look at it like this, if I want to earn $10,000 dollars a month, I can really pull out all the stops and do it myself. Another way would be to find a partner and we each do $5,000. Maybe we could each find another person and I only need to earn $2,500. You probably see where I am going with this. You need a team and we have ways to help you build that team. We figure that to get really rich all you have to do is find 4 people that want to get rich as bad as you do and then help them each find 4.

To wrap this up I will post a video that I have on YouTube that I like. See you next week. Wes

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