Monday, November 10, 2008

People of integrity!

Life is good. The driver of the truck that flipped the rock through my window paid to have it replaced. That is a good neighbor and I appreciate him. His Name is Davis Roundy. He works for BZI Construction in Beryl, Utah. It is awesome as I go through life how many people I run into that are true Christians. I don't know what religion Davis is, but I know in his heart he is a Christian. He is a person of integrity. He takes responsibility for himself. I truly applaud his actions. If you see him let him know I think he is a great guy and shake his hand for me.

I would like comments today about people you know that excel as human beings. I like the kind that do whats right without expectation of reward other than knowing they have done whats right. I like the kind of people that stop on the road and help people. I like the kind of people that leave something nice on the porch, ring the bell and run. I like people that put themselves in harms way to protect the innocent. Tell us about people you know.

Have a great day! Wes

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