Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dr. Joel Wallach on TRU Chocolate

Dr. Wallach and Steve Wallach have brought in a fabulous product for us. TRU Chocolate is the guilt free chocolate. TRU Chocolate may be the most healthy and tasty chocolate ever created. This delicious treat is ideal for the entire family. Originally created for diabetic and obese children, it is a snack that can be enjoyed by everyone at anytime. The benefits of eating TRU Chocolate are so tremendous that many call it the "Guilt Free Chocolate." It tastes so good and is so good for that it is beyond the normal chocolate experience.

* TRU Chocolate is rich in antioxidants - an unprecedented ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) rating of 3,040 per piece!
* TRU Chocolate is infused with beneficial herbs which promote healthy blood sugar levels.
* TRU Chocolate kills harmful bacteria including the one that creates cavities.
* TRU Chocolate supports healthy weight loss.
The Magic of Tru Chocolate
TRU Chocolate is a functional food with a WOW factor! You may hear "WOW" or "THAT IS SO COOL" after you give a person a TRU Chocolate piece and then ask them to drink 16 ounces of cold water afterwords. The WOW factor. We call it the "MAGIC" chocolate drink, because many people can taste the magic chocolate flavor for as long as 30 minutes after eating a single piece of TRU Chocolate!
Lets listen to Doc about the value of chocolate and TRU Chocolate in particular.

It is amazing to be part of a company with Benefits! Doc and Steve truly have our best in mind when ever they bring in new products.
Have a great day! Wes
If you want a closer look at this product goto www.mineralwealth.us
This is for information only. Check with your medical provider.

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