Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What Are Some of The Uses For Plant Derived Minerals?

We have a lot to thank Dr. Wallach for when it comes to Youngevity Plant Derived Minerals. First, he explained nutritional minerals and the factors they play in our health. Next he found a source of minerals that fit his requirements for us. Finally he contracted that the product would be exclusive to Youngevity. It is incredible to be an independent distributor in Dr. Wallach and Dr. Ma Lan's Youngevity Global business.

So what are some uses of Plant Derived Minerals? The first and most obvious use is to drink the minerals. When Blake Graham introduced the minerals to the Japanese he found they were amazing when it came to finding alternative things minerals are good for. Blake provided this list of some of their uses for our minerals.

  • in Tomato Juice
  • in Orange juice
  • with lemon in ice water
  • my favorite is with my Youngevity Body Toddy liquid vitamins and minerals


  • gargle for sore throat
  • mouthwash...kill bacteria that causes tooth decay
  • use to kill bacteria on toothbrush


  • Cheri-mins on bananas, apples
  • Plant Derived Minerals reduce spoilage on tomatoes

Aerosol spray bottle: mouth

  • mouth spray - kill bacteria for sore throat
  • spray on tongue to kill the white bacteria that causes bad breath
  • spray Cheri-mins as a mini-snack!

Spray bottle: skin

  • for a skin toner - closes pores, restores the PH balance of skin, improves the skin condition
  • to remove spots, blemishes
  • use on burns
  • for cuts & scrapes (help reduce scarring)
  • use on itching skin -but bites, eczema, calm poison ivy
  • use on sore muscles - neck, back, legs
  • use on scalp - nutrition for your hair
  • kills bacteria that causes odor - underarm deodorant


  • use Plant Derived Minerals in place of salt
  • use 1 tsp per cup of rice
  • 1 tsp in soup
  • use as a spray on food that you would put salt on (i.e. vegetables)
  • use Cheri-mins in Jello
  • use Cheri-mins in frosting, ice cream


  • use 1 tsp~2tbsp in water for cut flowers - last longer
  • mix 30 cc in 1 liter of water for houseplants-greener, bloom where they didn't before
  • mix 15cc in 1 liter of water for garden plants - bigger fruits & vegetables - more resistant to mold - more resistant to bugs (less pesticides)

Other Uses

  • spray in your nose to help relieve hay fever symptoms
  • can use as an eye wash (mix with at least 5 times as much water)
  • spray on hemorrhoids
  • mix with shampoo
  • cleaner to break-up fat (cleaning stoves, microwave ovens)
  • minus ions can help clean the air before you vacuum
  • use in water dish for pets
  • use in kitty litter box to reduce odor
  • use in aquarium for turtles, fish (cleaner water, healthier pets)

It's incredible that a product can have so many uses. It is even more incredible that Doc and Steve have priced this product so reasonably. The wholesale cost of Youngevity Plant Derived Minerals for each litre, which is a months supply, is only $18.00. Each litre contains a natural assortment of approximately 19,000 mg of 100% Organic Plant Derived Natural Mineral solids fully suspended in filtered water. A list of the 70+ contained minerals is available. Be sure and use the product according to the directions on the bottle. Try them for yourself. You will be glad you did just like I am. You can order from your account, or from the person who sent you here or you can get them from my account at if you are hearing this for the first time.

This is an incredible product! Have a great day. Wes

The FDA has not approved or seen the information in this email. Check with your doctor. This product is found in the Physicians Desk Reference

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