Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Day of Backstroking.

I was talking to someone last night, whose opinion I truly value. The gist of the conversation was that I might be too long winded. These last 2 weeks have been pretty in-depth and I know time is valuable to all of us. Anyway, I think some changes in format are in order. Say, Monday and Thursday the information will be "On Youngevity." The other three days we all want to hear from you. I say "we" because, even though this is technically my blog, if you can't take ownership also, no one will have a reason to visit this but me. We want to hear from “you.” I hope you are here and care enough to take your time and speak your mind.

I would like to steer the conversation to a topic, if that's ok. So, the question for today is: What do you do for a living and how is this economy effecting your employment and your industry?

If you want to remain anonymous that’s ok, but my hope is we will all get to know each other. My other hope is that you will have fun and invite like-minded people to chime in also. I am about Youngevity but of course it isn’t required that you be in Youngevity to get something out of this blog. Another thing that would be great is pertinent testimonials on the current health and business topics. You need to give your name and contact information on those, so we meet the FDA and FTC rules on testimonials.

Have a great day! Wes

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