Friday, October 24, 2008

Ok, Lets Hear From You.

Sometimes it takes someone stepping forward to prime the pump.

So, as you know I am a Network Marketer. So what is a Network Marketer? Some of you may think it is your product. Some of you may think it is the company you are aligned with. I believe it is when you truly enjoy meeting and working with people of like mind.
One of my favorite things I do as a Network Marketer is business lunch clubs. It is amazing how many there are and how many different agendas they have. Typically you get to have lunch, some kind of presentation is given and you get to do a small commercial about your product or company. These functions can be very profitable for your business. I love face to face social networking. The hardest thing you do is put out your hand and say "Hi, my name is Wes. What's your name? What do you do for a living?

Networking always booms in a down economy. Tax incentives, part time extra income, great products, people teaching people are some networking attributes. I love it.
Ok, now it's your turn. As you see it doesn't have to be long. Give it a shot.
I got my autoship yesterday from Youngevity and they are having a sale. I am including the offer in case you haven't seen it. I know you understand we have great products!

Check them out at or use your account if you have one.
Have a great day! (Remember to speak up, toot your horn, introduce yourself) Wes

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