Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Doc's Fantastic Plant Derived Colloidal Minerals

So now we know what we are looking for, where do we go to find these incredible minerals? I suggest we follow Doc Wallach to the mine. Your first question should be "Mine? How do you pick plant derived minerals in a mine?" I thought the same thing myself when I first heard the concept.

For the complete story I refer you to Wellness Publications, Dead Doctors Don't Lie by Dr. Joel Wallach and Dr. Ma Lan.

In 1925, a rancher in Utah made a historic discovery when he found the remains of an ancient rain forest that had been uniquely encapsulated and preserved. This material known as humic shale was laid down at a time when the earth was young. This was a time when the earth was abundant with many minerals in the soil. Trees, plants and fruits contained at least 77 water-soluble minerals, which provided luscious, succulent, vibrant, life-sustaining food. At this time there were no carcinogens in the air and trees and vegetation grew and then fell back to the ground. What resulted was a giant compost pile that grew thicker and richer for thousands of years. Realizing the value of what he found, the rancher mined this material and developed a leachate process to extract the liquid minerals, which were first bottled and sold as mineral water in 1926.

Today small portions of humic shale in southern Utah, are mined and the minerals extracted with clear, pure, cool water to the desired balance and concentration. The mineral leachate is then processed through a complex array of special filters to allow only the organic plant derived colloidal minerals in the final solution. The result is the premium Majestic Earth Plant Derived Colloidal Minerals product that meets Joel D. Wallach's quality standards, time-tested and enjoyed for over 75 years. This mineral product is 100% organic, containing neither metallic minerals or salts and is not manufactured from ground up rocks, bentonite, soil, clay or ancient sea beds, which are the most common sources of other so-called “colloidal minerals.” As a final protection against rock-based minerals contaminating the product it is run through a reverse osmosis filter system the equivalent of forcing water through a phone book. No rock-based minerals are ever present in Doc’s products. What this means for us is that the minerals are water-based and your body will use what it requires and slough off the rest. I've been many times to the mine and would like to give you a tour with pictures. This does not in any way compare to the real thing. When you get a chance to go, be sure and do it.
A huge benefit of the mine tour is the few hours we are taught by Doctor Wallach, Steve Wallach, Dr. Gehard Schrouser, Blake Graham, Todd Smith, Richard Renton and many other leaders and experts on the bus ride to and from the mine.

Our hosts at Total Nutrition are always incredible at making this a huge value for the money. There are generally at least two Trailways Busses full of people and the lunch at the processing plant is always great. There is a huge benefit in being with friends and like minded people in your organization as you find out about the mineral heart of Youngevity.
In a cut away on the surface, Blake Graham points out and explains about the minerals. It is

incredible to realize a natural product like our minerals exists and that we are the only ones that have it. Many nutrition stores sell a colloidal mineral but check the label. Their product has around 900 mg of minerals but they are ground up metallic mineral. Their minerals settle to the bottom of the bottle. Also, the absorption rate is very low, 2 - 12%. We have a guaranteed 19,000 mg of around 77 minerals. Our absorption rate is 98%. We have the bang for the buck and your health. Again, read the labels.
Thanks for coming along on the ride and tomorrow I will tell you some of the many uses of our Youngevity, Plant Derived Minerals. Have a great day! Wes

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