Monday, October 20, 2008

What about Dr. Wallach's minerals?

So, Friday we learned minerals are 60 of the 90 essential nutrients. We learned that the food we are eating is on a steady down slide in nutritional value because of where it is planted and how many plantings have been made in the soil it comes from. It makes sense that every crop removed, reduces the value of the minerals in the soil. We learned that Dr. Joel Wallach, in his research has shown there are more than 900 diseases caused by nutritional deficiencies.

My question is, “Do you believe it?” Have you surfed around and checked up on what I am saying? Have you checked with your grocer to ask, “How many days prior to putting your fresh produce on the shelf was it picked?” Do you think it matters how much sun a plant is exposed to in relation to its level of nutrition? How much sun does your tomato get in a shipping crate? These things are about nutrition not insecticides. If these things are a given and you agree, then what about where was the plant grown? Are gold and silver found everywhere? If they are, we should all be rich. Nutritional minerals are the same. Each mineral is found where it is found. Sounds obvious but if it is obvious then why do we believe if a patch of soil will grow a simple plant that it can provide all the minerals required for a complex human.

There are three types of minerals used in supplements.

1- Metallic minerals are rock or shell based, and are 2 to 12% absorbable. The human body is not capable of processing iron in the form of rust scraped off a railroad track and in fact metallic minerals can poison humans. Rust is only an example. Percentage of absorption indicates if there is 100 mg in a product and you receive 3% absorption you know there is 100 mg present in the product but your body only absorbs 3 mg. When you read any label look at both factors.

2- Chelated minerals are when a mineral is bound with a more absorbable substance, such as an amino acid. This raises absorption in humans up to 40%. According to Dr. Wallach this process was developed in the veterinary field of medicine.

3- The safest and most effective way to get your minerals is from plants. Plants take large molecule minerals with a positive ionic charge from the soil and through photosynthesis break these molecules down into smaller sizes (7000 times smaller than a red blood cell) and give them a negative charge. Basically the plant pre-digests the minerals for us. These minerals are water-soluble, up to 98% absorbable, non-toxic and safe for the body - the way Mother Nature intended us to get our minerals! Whilst plant derived colloidal minerals are considered to be 100% safe for pregnant and nursing mothers when used as directed, it is recommended that a healthcare practitioner be consulted.

Out of the three types of minerals I believe we can agree that the most effective for us nutritionally are the plant derived minerals. Those minerals can also be in the form of fresh vegetables or eating animals that have eaten fresh vegetables or grass. We recognize and recommend everyone eat a well-balanced diet. But, as we recall from the information on the declining value of our fruits and vegetables according to the US Agriculture Department, depending wholly on food for our nutrition can be a health gamble. Based on this information it seems imperative that we supplement the food we eat in order to balance the nutrition required for our optimal health.

Tomorrow I will let you know where Dr. Wallach and Youngevity get these fantastic proprietary minerals and how they are processed to provide us such a fabulous product.

Go outside and enjoy this beautiful weather and have a great day. Wes

The FDA has not approved or seen the information. Check with your doctor.

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