Monday, October 13, 2008

Residual Income Game ~ play tonight

Hello Everyone,

We have re-discovered what we all knew in kindergarten. We learn more from playing than we learn in lectures!

We are getting together tonight for a game that teaches us how to make more MONEY.
Could anyone use that in today's economy?

The winner will get a $100 towards a ticket for the Youngevity, Vegas Convention in FEB.

Entry cost is $0.00! I apologize for the short notice. We found out today about the game.

I've also learned that Youngevity Triple Diamond Blake Graham will be in attendance tonight at least long enough to say hello. He is here from Tokyo for a few days. Blake and his partner are the highest paid distributors in Youngevity.

A bit about The Residual Income Game:

Since you learn best by doing, why not learn in an environment that allows you to actively practice the success pattern of Network Marketing. Then you’ll know what to do since you have done it. With the Residual Income® Game, you’ll have a proven tool that can accelerate your results to achieve "break even" in 30 days or job-dropping residual income in as little as 90 days. Others have achieved these actual results from committing to weekly game plays and engaging in this dynamic effective training.

Game-based training reinforces and focuses everything the distributors have heard in traditional forms of training – events, audios and books – giving them a way to actively practice and let the game guide them to success. The Residual Income® Game lets players experience what it feels like to achieve a high income in Network Marketing and all the steps it takes to get there. After two hours, players will have practiced dream building, making lists, promoting products, approaching prospects, and edifying people in an environment that is difficult to tell from reality.

The Residual Income® Game is a game but try and tell that to your mind. Your subconscious treats the experience like the real thing. You embrace the high energy feelings of making huge sums of money in Network Marketing and it transfers to your success in your business. We welcome you and there is no charge, so come check it out. You will be glad you did!

Date and Time:

10/13/08 (tonight)
7:00 pm mst


Residual Income Technologies
694 N. 1890 W., Suite 44A Provo, Utah 84601
Phone: 801-471-0008

Exit the freeway at Provo Center Street Exit
Go East
Turn Left (North) at the first stop light and follow the road to the end.
Turn Left (West) and go to the end of the next road
Turn Right (North) on Independence
The office is the fist condo unit on the left before you come to the end of that road.

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