Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wow! Successful Game Night!

Last nights Residual Income Game Play was a smashing success! Mike Vande Sluis was the big winner in cold hard cash. Mike walked away with $100.00 dollars from Double Diamond Nephi Wayman towards his cost of the Youngevity Convention in February. Mike will be in Las Vegas this spring rubbing shoulders with millionaires, learning and playing his way to financial freedom.

Speaking of millionaires, we were visited by Blake Graham. Blake is a Triple Diamond legend in Youngevity and he and his partner Todd Smith will be the hosts of the Diamond University in Las Vegas. Every year we are treated to an education fit for kings and queens at these events. It is incredible to not only have Doc and Steve and the whole Youngevity team giving us incredible training, products and support but the training from the distributor side is phenomenal! These leaders are in the trenches building business and have their finger on the pulse of the industry. If there is a new technique or a trend they pick up on it right away with the thousands of distributors they deal with regularly.

I have to say that there were excited people at the game last night. We began playing at around 7:30 and finished the last moves at 10:30. You may think that's a long time but the truth is those in the game just didn't want it to end. It's incredible to see a simulated Dentists income go from 5 or 6 thousand dollars to 35,000 in the period of 3 hours. It didn’t take long for each player to pick up, because of the game, things they are missing in promoting their real world business. Each player learns that it is necessary for most of us to grow to become leaders. Many people coming into network marketing think they are ready now to be a leader and make millions. Very few, say one in 10 thousand are born networkers. For the rest of us, we need some time to emulate our upline, read books, listen to training media, attend workshops and conventions, but most of all we need to practice what we learn in all these venues. True networkers know that Network Marketing is not a get rich quick business. If you are making a ton of money out of the gate you are in direct sales. The ones with residual income, that is job dropping and that lasts for generations, build their business by helping others meet their goals and along the way it happens for the leader. Zig Ziggler has said for years that, "If you help enough people get what they want you will get what you want."

I would like to comment about the Residual Income team. Rod Richardson and Norma Strange are partners in the business. They were there to guide our game journey. We were lucky enough to have Rod as the facilitator for our game last night. Rod is well educated in business and leadership training. You can see his full bio at http://rodalan.wordpress.com/about/.

The best way to know "he knows networking" is to be around Rod. As he facilitates the Residual game play it is awesome to see and hear his wealth of networking and business knowledge. Rod is not a stuffed shirt lecturer. He is exactly the kind of person we all dream about sponsoring in Network Marketing. He knows what to say, when to say it and who to say it to. The problem is "he is already taken." His great talent and first priority is opening the game player’s eyes to those ideas as they play the game. His business is teaching others to be the kind of person he is. It is a comfort to know that what ever people, in whatever networking business, are sitting in his chairs they will get his undivided attention and the best he has to offer. This game and the Residual Income Game team’s only goal is to help you create network marketers out of your business members and you. I really recommend that you be in a game with their staff because it helps you to be able to use the game more effectively. You probably think I really like Rod. You are right! He is a great guy that really improves the image of our industry.
I recommend his AUDIO: Perpetual Wealth™ - $23.95 ...Buy Now! => A single CD audio program by Rod Alan Richardson discussing the formula on how to transcend money and achieve perpetual wealth. Learn the steps on how to move from financial security, to freedom, and to wealth.

Tomorrow I will tell you about the creator of the Residual Income Game, Clay Stevens.
Have a great day! Wes

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