Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Residual Income Game ~ Clay Stevens

Wow! Three blogs in a row on the Residual Income Game. You must think I really believe in their game. I do believe you can learn more in a couple of hours of playing Residual Income about building your business then any other way for the same amount of time. I do know it’s very fun and a great way to spread the word and teach people about networking. I own three games. I also found out, at the game play, they will sell you the new updated version of the game for a reduced amount if you previously purchased a game. The great part is you get to keep the old game. There have been some significant changes making it easier for people to understand and play. I am definitely going to pick up on that deal. Give them a call at 1-866-707- 9555 for the details.

Residual Income® was designed by instructional design master, Clay Stevens. With 30 years of experience in curriculum development and training, Mr. Stevens has spent significant time examining and researching how people learn and retain information.

During the course of his life, Mr. Stevens has developed a 6-figure income in three separate network-marketing companies. He saw the need for a more efficient and effective way to teach new associates how to recruit, train and retain a downline. After retiring from the industry as an independent distributor, he devoted his skills to inventing a training mechanism that could help anyone in any network marketing company build a high-income generating business.

Clay Stevens is a great guy and a personal friend of mine. We met at the inception of them beginning to market the game. They came to a networking luncheon that I regularly attend. When they explained the concept of the Residual Income Game my antennas went up and I knew I loved it right away. We organized a gameplay for my Youngevity group and I realized from the excitement of my friends playing the game what a great tool Clay had created. I was able to invite Clay and Rod to participate in two of our major Youngevity conventions. They were very well received and everyone is benifiting from their instruction and games.

I'm aware of other networking organizations involved in using their training system and games. Because of their great integrity I'm not worried of any crossover of other systems.

Clay Stevens has done two incredible training CDs:
AUDIO: Transition to Wealth - $14.95 ...Buy Now! =>
Master networker, Clay Stevens unlocks the key to your personal "Transition to Wealth" by showing you two states of mind that are as real as the behaviors making or breaking your success. Find out about the transition from the land of Paucity to the land of Bountiful. This came out before The Secret. Distribute this audio liberally to recruit and train others.

AUDIO: Start at Done - $19.95 ...Buy Now! =>
Start at Done is a 2 disk audio set by Clay Stevens that describes the benefits of building an income that comes in each month without having to start at zero. Mr. Stevens lays out a step-by-step strategy on how to get your income to start at done at the beginning of the month.
I have both of these and listen and study them regularly.

“We are the sum of what we read, listen to and the people we meet.” Charlie Tremendous Jones

To cap off my blog today I think the most important thing I could say to you is "if you really want to know about this game ~ PLAY IT!" I’m sure you will be as sold on the value of the Residual Income Game as I am. I will announce our next game plays on my Blog. Have a great day! Wes


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