Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More from Convention, Skin Care and Minerals

News from the Las Vegas Convention

Two additions for our skin. Botanical Spa Collection is awesome. Promotes balanced skin..naturally

Beauty is more than skin deep

It also comes from the inside by using our incredible EFA capsules and antioxidants.

#2- 100% Pure

Eye Shadow

Lip Gloss




It is incredible how Michelle Wallach has created the finest Mineral Makeup and Skin Care on the market. Hats off to Youngevity!
If you understand the Latte Factor, you know that just switching to incredible products like these and buying from yourself, you will never worry about making a qualifying order again. The new compensation plan really makes it worth your time to speak up and let your friends and others know how great our products are. What could ever say more than radiant skin and beautiful makeup? If you see a change, don't you ask what has changed? Your friends are no different. In this company we should all be the best we can be. In this economy a smile is your best selling point. We have everything to smile about!

Have a great day! Wes

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