Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ladies ~ How About Pampering? Soul Purpose (New)

Anyone for another new company? This one is also fantastic! The new company is Soul Purpose. We were able to sample some of their fragrances at the Thanksgiving party. All I can say is "Incredible!" Products for the senses galore is what's in store. If you are the type that occasionally take time out for yourself to unleash your inner child, this is for you. Me, I'm just a guy and I prefer a quick shower. Not to say I don't get back in sync by smelling like fish occasionally. Rather than try and look like I know what I'm talking about in scents and oils when I don't. Here is a short list just to whet your appetite: 9 Butter balms, 10 Scents, 6 Candle scents, 6 Custards, 6 Shower gels, 6 Body Lotions, Different Foot Systems, 7 Perfume sets, Many gift sets. I'm not doing this justice, how about some pictures.

All I can say is check it out! Go to my website and look over the whole list. Click on products and at the bottom of the list is the Soul Purpose. I know you will be ecstatic! By the way the prices shown are retail. I can show you how to buy at 30% off.
Have a great day! Wes

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