Monday, December 1, 2008

Is Your Dog or Cat in Your Will?

Are you a pet lover? Is your dog or cat a member of the family? Have you ever heard your kids ask if your dog was in your will? You may think I am kidding or you could know exactly what I am talking about.

If you do know, then I have a product for you. That product is Arthrydex by Youngevity. The thing you need to know about Dr. Joel Wallach, it's creator, is that he was first an extraordinary veterinarian. Doc knows about animals. He spent many years studying them. He started high school with a part time job at the St. Louis Zoo. He did very menial work so that he could work with and be around Marlin Perkins. In less than two years he had worked up to helping the legendary elephant trainer Floyd Smith. Doc was given a notebook to record every morsel of food fed to Florence and Pearl, a pair of two week old baby elephants. It began with bottles of milk and later on the things you would expect, such as celery, grapes, beans and summer grass. What Doc did not expect was the handfuls of blue clay that the little elephants ate like candy. He asked Mr. Smith what it was and he said it was extremely important as a source of trace minerals for the little elephant’s survival. This experience stirred Doc to pursue becoming a zoo and wildlife veterinarian. That is exactly what he did. He went to agriculture school and received a B.S. degree. He went to veterinary school also during the last 2 years of his AG degree. Doctor Wallach graduated as a Doctor of Veterinary Sciences. He also went on to add the N.D. for Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine to his titles. I say again, Doc knows animals!

Arthrydex is incredible. It is formulated to support healthy bones and joints in small and large animals. It works!

My son Ryan has a large Golden Lab named Web. He is an incredible dog. Web is trained like no other dog I know of. When he was young Ryan ordered some of the product. It was his first order and he didn’t know what to expect. Ryan opened the box and here is his incredibly well behaved and well-trained dog busting into the products and grabbing a container and flying out of the living room and into the bedroom with Ryan screaming right behind him. Web was tearing open the package when Ryan stopped him. There were many products in the box. How did Web know which was for him? He just knew and he loves it to this day. A few years later Ryan was broadsided in an intersection and Web was slammed into the dashboard. His hip was broken. Ryan put Web on the Arthrydex even when he was short on cash and couldn’t afford products for himself. It has made a huge difference in his life.

Just so you don’t think Web is special above all other pets, Ryan sells Arthrydex to a friend and recently she called in a panic because her cat had gotten on the drain board and ate a whole box. He assured her that it is all-natural and the cat would be just fine. My mother’s Poodle goes nuts for it and I could write three blogs about Roger Robert’s Iditarod Husky teams.

This product is everything and more that I say it is. Buy it and try it. Your dog or cat will love you more than it already does. Remember, you said he was one of the family!

Have a great day! Wes

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