Saturday, November 22, 2008

Wow, what an event!

Boy, I had a good time last night. The food was great, the people fantastic and the prizes incredible.

We tried out some of the low carb food products in the Suzanne line. As you know I am a low carb guy now and believe me the flourless brownies hit the spot. We had Chocolate mousse, moist Apple cinnamon Cake, tried the Beef Bourguignon and I am still salivating. What a good time. My deviled eggs where a hit. The cool part is the Suzanne products are price worthy, not pricey. I am amazed when I look at the costs.

We got to sample the PureWorks products and they are awesome! What a benefit to someone that is constantly washing to not have alcohol in your hand soap. Alcohol kills germs only when you use it. After your hands are dry and I do mean dried up (painful cracks), you are susceptible right away to germs. PureWorks kills bacteria and harmful germs for hours. Wow, think of your child at school or daycare. Think of all the colds they bring home by touchie feelie with their little friends. All it takes is to get it on your hands and put it in your mouth. That sounds weird for a little kid, hey? Not. Everything goes in the mouth. Then there is all the hard surfaces to disinfect. Don't get me going!

We heard a great presentation by our millionaire friend Triple Diamond Todd Smith. He did a short Power Point on the economy. It is amazing how many of the people that wouldn't talk network marketing because they were doing so well are now turning to network marketing. Todd is an attorney, has a degree in accounting and an MBA in Business. It was a testimony to network marketing that he was doing so well in that profession that he couldn't afford the cut in income to use those degrees. All this talk of disaster and his huge income is barely bumped.

We got to hear from William Black President of Residual Income with a message of affirmation on Todd's presentation about the increase in people looking at network marketing. He also reaffirmed our need to train all these new people coming on board quickly and effectively with the business training simulator they have created.

We had a grundle of winners of product in the drawing and Tonya Harmer was the winner of the Feb Convention ticket and Todd threw in Diamond University. Can you say "Big Winner." About $300 total. She used the secret and envisioned Nephi reading her number and voila he read her number. Very cool! What a great event!

Well, have a great weekend. Wes

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