Thursday, October 2, 2008

What About PYRAMIDS?

So a little recap might be in order. I have hit on my health and some other facts about me. I touched on the state of the economy and where we are in it. I talked a bit about Doc Wallach. I spent a day on tax savings of a working from home business.

What’s next? One of the concerns people have, even in this period in time is ~ WHAT ABOUT PYRAMIDS? It's funny when we are naming stadiums and convention centers after MLM companies and most everyone knows of someone that has made it big in Networking, that question still gets asked. I could jump right in and begin with my thoughts on the subject but there are so many experts out there that I will defer to them. One such expert is Tim Sales. He has been a legendary leader and teacher in network marketing for years. He and Dr. Charles King, a PHD from the Harvard Business School and a professor at the University of Illinois Chicago, did an incredible presentation on network marketing. It has stood the test of time in being the best explanation ever given. The title: Brilliant Compensation. Controls are at the top of the screen.

Who should watch this video? Everyone. If you are in network marketing and have ever had any guilt feeling sharing your business with your friends, you should watch. If you don’t know about the business or have only had a brief flirt with being a networking distributor, you should watch. If you have been a long time product user in a networking business and regularly get your Autoship of your favorite product but never look into what else is available from your company, you should watch. Are you struggling financially? Are you looking for a way to add five hundred dollars to your monthly budget? If you have huge dreams and aspirations, you should watch. If you have ever been asked if MLM was about pyramids or "is MLM legal", you should watch. Get the picture? Everyone should watch! Have a great day and I will see you Friday. Wes

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