Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Latest CD ~ "Best of Dead Doctors", Dr. Joel Wallach

Wow! This is awesome!

What if you had a CD that you could go straight to a health issue, push play and in 3 minutes hear what

Dr. Joel D Wallach BS, DVM, ND has to say about this condition. This CD is part lecture and part questions from his audience and his answers.

It is all indexed. If you have an issue, you can find your answer to your question. If you are building a business, this CD can be loaned to a friend with a health issue. It will make a difference in his or her life if they discover why they have a problem and how Doc interprets studies and research done concerning that issue. This information is timely and he has huge lists of results. The first time I heard the "Dead Doctors Seminar" I was really impressed with how logical and intelligent Doc's interpretations are of medical research. After hearing and being around Doc I recognize issues that he has answers for that nobody else has. Doc is amazing. I am not a doctor and I use this information from Doctor Wallach to give people answers from a person with credentials.

This is a brand new CD and it goes for $1.00 if you pick it up. If you need it shipped it would cost shipping and handling.
Don't forget you can hear Doctor Wallach in person if you come to SLCC - The Miller Campus, 9750 South 300 West, Sandy Utah. October 20th - 7:00 PM / admission free. Be sure and look me up if you are at that event.
Have a great day! Wes

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