Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Broken window and a new President.

Wow, a broken window is no fun. I called my glass guy and he started looking for a window. Isuzu said there was only 3 of my type in the whole country. oooh bummer. 10" wide 14" high, fixed glass and minimal tint and the cost ~ $347.14 for the glass alone. I have worked with him for years and I trust him implicitly. I called a friend that does body repair and he said call Safelite. It looks like they can come to my home, repair the glass and all for the exorbitant cost of $198.59. They say there is low inflation but costs sure seem high. Oh well, I can't drive around with cardboard in the window.

Elections are over. I hope everyone got what they wanted. I think a great reason to vote is that if you vote and lose, you get the right to say I told you so if it turns out like you thought it would. We will wait and see. Not to say who I voted for. It is amazing how the country comes together and supports whom ever was elected. We have a new President and Congress, so for at least a couple of years they will have free reign to get us up and running again. I sure hope it works out. The one thing I really liked was in Obama's acceptance speech he said God bless our nation. I truly believe we need that. Have a great day! Wes

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