Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What about Youngevity Training? #2

Yesterday I touched on the Las Vegas convention and about our fabulous Youngevity conference calls. Today I would like to continue with our Youngevity training and what we have available.

~ We have the opportunity to bathe in a fountain of youth by listening every weekday to our own Dr. Joel D. Wallach. We can sit at his feet and soak up knowledge that will change our lives. That's a little flowery but absolutely true. Doc is on the radio weekdays at Radio Channel KSCO in the Bay Area. If you are like me and live somewhere else in the United States, you can also hear Doc on the web at and even hear missed shows and RSS feed your computer and personal devices. When you go to KSCO look in the bottom right corner for “Dead Doctors Don't Lie.” Click on that button.
Doc is a conservative. He always gives a monologue on current events in health and nutrition and whatever else he thinks is timely and important. Doc takes live questions from the phone and it is eye opening to hear the changes in people's lives that he is able to facilitate. His goal is to make us well. Doc is a veterinarian and a physician and in keeping with his role as a veterinarian some say, “He may treat you like a dog but you seem to get better.” I know that Doc and his products saved my life and I'm forever in his debt. There is a great video put together by our good friend and up-line Triple Diamond Todd Smith. The name of this video is "Mineral Story". If you go to and click on the broadband option you will open a window and see a small vision of what Doc and Youngevity are all about.

~ Doc also gives live lectures 300 times a year. You can check out his schedule at . Keep an eye on where he is and don't miss hearing him in person. Doc is a man of integrity. He and his son Steve run Youngevity with the same integrity.

~ Training in Youngevity utilizes technology in the form of Cd's, videos, webinars, website Back Office training and the Internet. One of the best ways to see the effectiveness of how this works is to play a game. This game is Rumor. How you play is to get a dozen or so people: put them on chairs in a line. Whisper in the ear of the first person some relatively complicated new concept. Have this person whisper that concept to the next and he or she to the next until the end of the line. You will find that your concept has evolved into something entirely different. We do not want our business to evolve into something unrecognizable. The solution is to use recorded media to pass on the information. Those Cd's will not change and people receiving them will get the true story. We are fortunate to have leaders that give us great Cd's, videos and seminars. They have succeeded and want us to benefit as they have. No one in network marketing succeeds without helping others become all they can be. We become a "messenger" and can truly say this is not sales. Our job is to know where to lead our friend to find the information that can change his life. In these troubled times that information is not always about health. Many times it is to throw a lifeline for a friend's finances. The tool we have that is the most effective is the relationship with our friend. We need to be there for him or her in their time of need, with the right things to encourage them with. See you tomorrow. Wes

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