Sunday, September 28, 2008

To Blog or not to Blog?

I got a very hard e-mail yesterday. It's not the first and I'm sure it will not be the last time but it has been a long time since I got an e-mail like this. One of my good friends wrote to let me know they had joined another business and they were inviting me to come on board with them. Years ago they joined with me in Youngevity, tried a couple of products and decided they weren't interested enough to give it a shot. Even though we have hundreds of products, like some people that join, they decided to quit after trying only a couple. We have many products because people are affected differently by different products, so we have choices so you can find the right product for you. I have to take on the responsibility of their choice to not really get involved. I feel it is my lack of communication when someone doesn't realize the value of Youngevity. It's easy to think that everyone knows what I know. You go your merry way believing your company has the best products, the best marketing plan, the best compensation plan, the finest upline and even though they join with you that point never really comes across to them. They haven't been to the meetings I have. They haven't listened to the CDs I have. They haven't got my paycheck. They haven't had the results from the products I have. As a result, they don't know what I know. All I can say is if you knew what I know you would do what I do.

With all this in mind I have decided to create this blog to be diligent about telling the story of Youngevity.

I'll start with my story. My story of sickness isn’t that different than many people’s story you know. In late 2002 I was tested and told I had Congestive Heart Failure, with only six months to live, and no way out. My family and I were devastated. We went looking for alternative ways to solve my problem. I was introduced to Dr. Joel Wallach and his company. I listened, changed my bad habits and took his incredible health products. For years, I had tried many different supplements with no success. Doc’s products worked. My BP came down, my joints quit hurting, I healed very quickly from back surgery, increased my energy, I lost 85 lbs but the incredible part was that when the six month deadline came and went I was still alive. I continue to live and although my health isn't perfect, a lot of damage had been done, it is now far better than it was.

Since the beginning of 1970 I worked in general contracting with my dad. When my health failed and my back went out, I was told by my doctors I was through in construction. I tried a couple of desk jobs and decided they weren't for me. I started in American Longevity which became the company Youngevity after we went international. I got in the business for my health and because of my health decided it would be my income of choice. Since that time it has been my primary income. I love Youngevity and I'm so happy to be in the business designed by Dr. Joel Wallach. I do believe Doc and his son Steve are of the highest integrity. I believe the products they create or bring on board are the best in our industry. I am so excited to be in a company with an 11 year history that brings on new products every month. This gives Youngevity the financial security of the old dogs with the strength and pulling power of the lead dog! Our product line is incredible. Many of our products could be a one product wonder and take anyone to riches. It's amazing that when our products are tested they always come out on top. Doc's idea is to have a shopping mall not just one little store but the whole mall. When you come in Youngevity, if you just spend a little time to browse through the online catalogs, you will find many products you can convert and buy from your own store. If something doesn't work for you, it's guaranteed and you can try something else. When I go to any store and choose a product, if it turns out to not be what I want, I take it back and try something else. I never feel I need to stop shopping there. This is why we have so many products. Because of those products, it gives you choices. If you join a company with only an antioxidant drink and you find, after a while, it doesn't work for you, you are done. If you join our company we have many choices of antioxidants and all you do is pick one that suits you. That is the way all our products work. My choice of what works for me, works for me. If I like a product and suggest it to you and you don't like it then try something else. I guarantee what you want will be there. Then you can go on using it year after year wondering how you could have ever thought to use something different. It is worth the effort! If you sign up for the Youngevity newsletter you will hear about the new products and business opportunities. I know you're busy, everyone is busy! But it is my experience that it is worth it. The secret to Youngevity or any business is that you are in charge. It is up to you to pick up the reins and guide your team. If you don't make that effort you will lose out and miss the value of being in Youngevity. It can change your life. See you soon Wes Executive Diamond Distributor #16607501

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